Creating Confidence in Assistive Technology

Connecting the Disconnected

We provide remote services for individuals experiencing vision loss encompassing assistive technology that includes screen readers, screen magnifiers and device support.

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Student Services

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Adult Services

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Senior Services

Remote Training

At our heart, we’re an organization passionately focused on uplifting and empowering those experiencing visual impairments or blindness. We’re here to walk alongside you, with a team of empathetic instructors offering remote training designed to nurture your independence and enhance your well-being through the thoughtful use of technology. Our commitment is to ensure that every step of your journey with us feels supportive, inclusive, and tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

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We are proud of our partnerships!

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School Districts

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Schools for the Vision Impaired

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Vocational Rehab Centers

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Federal Agencies

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Workforce Centers

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Department of Corrections

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Higher Education

Join us!

In partnering with iSightRehab more individuals with vision loss or blindness can be supported in using their assistive technology successfully. This is a partnership that connects individuals with skilled teachers and appropriate training that meets their assistive technology needs.

iSightRehab donates a percentage of its proceeds to our Foundation, iSight Connections.

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